• What We Do

    We empower the marginalized youth through access to education, professional development and livelihood development programs to improve their life choices that enable them to maximize their personal potential; therefore, moving them from predicament and poverty towards stability and self-sufficiency, which in turn promotes viable civil societies.

    Our four-step approach:


    Improving youth access to knowledge about their value and the importance of education.


    Encouraging youth willingness to take active roles in decision-making, apply that knowledge to maintain physical and psychological wellness and take advantage of the educational opportunities.


    Providing financial opportunities and assistance to children and young adults to develop personal plans for active pursuit of education and employment.


    Providing assistance to develop career paths and secure employment opportunities.

    At Bosana Foundation we measure our impact on monthly basis by closely following our beneficiaries through their reports, routine communication, students’ mentors, field coordinator’s reports and regular receipt submission. Our results are the most evident at the end of each semester when we collect students’ report cards and receive teachers’ reports on students’ improvements. We strive to continuously utilize the information available so that we can strengthen our programs, as well as identify opportunities for expansion and improvement of our outreach.

    How Funds Are Used

    2018 Financial Summary
    Spent on Operational Cost $6,638.00
    Allocated Toward Programs $164,642.00
    2017 Financial Summary
    Spent on Operational Cost $6,050.00
    Allocated Toward Programs $74,793.00
    2016 Financial Summary
    Spent on Operational Cost $7,557.00
    Allocated Toward Programs $115,381.20
    2015 Financial Summary
    Spent on Operational Cost $10,967.00
    Allocated Toward Programs $103,505.00
    2014 Financial Summary
    Spent on Operational Cost $6,761.00
    Allocated Toward Programs $144,077.00
    2013 Financial Summary
    Spent on Operational Cost $7,681.00
    Allocated Toward Programs $79,727.50

    From 2010-2012, we operated with almost zero overhead costs so that all your donations could go towards our programs.

    Due to rising operational costs, we have committed to using only 10% of your donation towards our operational costs. Cost of our events, as always, remain funded by our generous sponsors.


    We receive confidential information from our beneficiaries that we protect and uphold with outmost respect.


    Bosana Foundation, since its registration is run on voluntary basis because we were determined to allocate as much as possible, in our case 90% of our funds, towards our programs to help as many beneficiaries. 

    Bosana Foundation is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization headquartered in Los Angeles (EIN/ Tax ID number: 
27 2872035). Bosana Foundation is legally registered in all locations where it operates and complies with all indigenous laws, rules and legal and regulatory requirements.

    Bosana Foundation is also registered as a local nongovernmental organization in Bosnia and Herzegovina as “Udruzenje za pomoc, razvoj i edukaciju Bosana” with ID # 4201792520006.

    Bosana Foundation is governed by a Board of Directors that provides general oversight of the organization’s operations. Bosana Foundation President is responsible, through a team of program directors, for 
the day-to-day management of the organization.