• Meet Our Team

    Senita Silpac,  Founder and President

    Senita is the founder and president of Bosana Foundation. Since 2003 she has worked with a number of international NGOs as a project manager and coordinator. Her experience includes strengthening development strategies of emergency relief programs and supervision of projects’ implementation. She has worked on projects focused on peace education, human rights, microfinance, community development and women empowerment. Senita holds a master’s degree in conflict resolution and diplomacy from Seton Hall University, and a bachelor’s degree in international relations from the University of California, Santa Barbara.

    Ajlana Osmanagić,  Scholarship Program Director

    Ajlana is Bosana Foundation’s program director. She holds two bachelor’s degrees; one in English language and literature from the University of Bihac in Bosnia and Herzegovina,and one in anthropology from the University of Vermont. In 2013, she received her Master's Degree from California State University, Long Beach, writing her thesis on the social networks of Bosnian orphan young adults, allowing her to better understand the population Bosana Foundation serves. She has extensive experience working with children and young adults, including teaching experience at NGOs as well as at the high school in her hometown of Bosanska Krupa. Seeing how the war changed the lives of children and the lasting consequences that still interfere with their daily lives, Ajlana focuses on the orphanage project in the hopes of helping the orphans of Bosnia and Herzegovina who do not have the financial support to pursue their dreams of higher education.

    Amra Silajdžić,  Ambassador

    Amra’s modeling career started in 2000 in her home country of Bosnia and Herzegovina, where at age 15 she was crowned the Metropolitan Top Model and a winner of the Press Prize, an international competition in China. These two distinctive wins launched her international career. Amra was able to move to Paris to pursue her childhood dream of living and working in the fashion capital of the world, where she also quickly earned her own distinguished success. Traveling the world also introduced Amra to many fascinating people, places and stories that helped shape the person she is today and her passion to help the less fortunate, especially those in her home country. In 2011, she became the first Ambassador for Bosana Foundation. Amra is driven to promote the cause and make a real difference.

    Emira Pajevic,  Finances

    Born in Bosanski Novi in 1957, Emira obtained her college degree from the University in Sarajevo, Economics major. During the war, Emira's husband and son were wounded and that sent Emira with her family to the US to receive medical attention. In the US, Emira obtained her CPA certificate and now she is Senior Manager of Accounting at Ambry Genetics. From day one, Emira has always been active in the Bosnians of Southern California organization and she was also proclaimed "Refugee of the year" by the State of California. She has also been an active BOSANA donor and volunteer from the early days as she carries BOSANA mission close to her heart. She is also a very proud grandmother to three grandchildren. Her short term plan is an early retirement so she can move back to Bosnia and Herzegovina to help those in need. 

    Lejla Musanovic,  Bosana Field Liaison

    Lejla is a former BOSANA student form the generation of 2014 BOSANA scholarship recipients. In 2019 she got the opportunity to be the first BOSANA student employee. Lejla holds a Bachelor degree in International relations and Diplomacy from the University of Sarajevo. During her studies, she was engaged in numerous non-formal education activities, projects, and voluntary services in Bosnia and Herzegovina and abroad. Her first volunteering experience where she worked extensively on different projects with youth and children in Citizens Association "Narko Ne" Sarajevo, has defined her as a person that she has become today. After volunteering opportunities in Turkey and Germany, Lejla got her first "real job" experience in Dubai, UAE. Lejla is extremely proud to be the first BOSANA employee and thankful for the opportunity to pass on her experience to other students.

    Esma Kosumi,  Brand Manager

    Esma is a former BOSANA student from 2010, the first generation of scholarship recipients. After completing undergraduate studies in Bosnia and getting a Bachelor degree in Management, and decided to move to Sweden where she is finishing her Master's degree in Marketing and Consumer Behavior at Stockholm University in Stockholm. Esma also studied one exchange semester at the Texas Tech University in Lubbock, Texas. She works full time in a Swedish startup as a Marketing Lead and UI/UX designer. Esma decided to become part of the team as a BOSANA Brand Manager.